5 reasons why B2B companies need to jump on the content marketing bandwagon

5 reasons why B2B companies need to jump on the content marketingCompanies traditionally have sales organisations that are driven by leads and marketing departments that create colourful sales documents. They are now under threat from innovative companies that have adopted content marketing. Companies like Red Bull have built a huge reputation and audience by creating and sharing multimedia content. Their content doesn’t necessarily explicitly promote the brand but stimulates interest in its products or services by association. Old school sales reps and marketers need to start considering how they can utilise content marketing to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Content marketing can help seal the deal

Product brochures still serve an important purpose in sealing the deal, but it is content marketing that can ensure your company is on the shortlist. An integrated content marketing strategy is crucial to ensure that your content reaches key stakeholders throughout the entire customer journey.

2. Content marketing trumps tradeshows

B2B companies have always invested masses of time and money  into big tradeshows that last just a few days. Some companies create amazing booths and collect many leads, but then fall silent for the rest of the year. “item Industrietechnik”, a global leader for system technology, responded by switching their lead generation to a content marketing model. It has been so successful that 30 employees are now engaged in the content generation process, with their YouTube tutorials receiving hundreds of hits from expert decision makers.

3. Customise your content for new style decision-makers

Investment decisions are increasingly shifting to specialist departments, particularly when it comes to IT spending. With the growth of cloud computing services, departments are now able to acquire their own ‘off the shelf’ applications. However, changing audiences require different methods of communication. A content marketing strategy can ensure that a customised message is reaching the target audience.

4. Valuable content is often missing in B2B sales process

One look at Facebook’s newsfeed might suggest that the world is drowning in content. However, in the B2B market, valuable content is often absent from the decision-making process. Decision makers are increasingly going it alone due to suspicion of the ‘hard sell’ and a desire to understand their own challenges and reach their own conclusions.

5. Content marketing opens up new audiences

Content marketing helps you access new audiences by changing your perspective and finding new contact points. This could involve in-depth research and is not necessarily a quick fix, but it will be impactful in the long term. You can also identify new topics by considering what interests your target audience outside of work.

Conclusion: Every company sits on hidden content potential

The increasing number of channels and the amount of content does not necessarily lead to content overload, but can be a great help for B2B decision makers and a great opportunity for B2B marketers. Content marketing can help redefine your business, from talking about products to providing solutions. Every company, whether big or small, has valuable stories to tell about their products and services. Now is the time to revaluate your lead generation process and give your customers the information they really want.

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