IBC 2017 preview: Content is king for telcos

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IBC 2017 preview, Amsterdam 14-18 September In order to stay competitive, traditional Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are undergoing a major transformation to become Digital Service Providers. Shows like IBC2017 are their opportunity to showcase their newfound agility, so it is vital to properly communicate this to media, analysts and the…

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Digital Trends Update 1/17

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Facebook might become an integral part of EVERYBODY’s working day, Twitter closes its Vine platform and may also offload its co-founder Jack Dorsey, and SEO becomes even more tricky: if content and mobile index is king, rankbrain is … <insert your favourite ruler here>. In this blog you will find…

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SEO Update 2016 – II

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Why SEO experts should ditch some old habits in favour of some new trends in 2016. 17 outdated SEO myths you should leave behind in 2016 http://www.slideshare.net/Tushar1919/seo-myths-2016-you-should-leave-behind-in This presentation hosted on Slideshare offers a look at outdated but common SEO myths that don’t matter anymore in 2016. 7 SEO trends…

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Social Media Trends Update 2016 II

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Facebook goes one step further to ditching Adobe Flash, Twitter might ditch the 140 character limit. Facebook Facebook now uses HTML5 for Videos and puts another nail in Flash’s coffin http://www.techtimes.com/articles/118060/20151221/facebook-now-uses-html5-for-videos-puts-another-nail-in-flash-s-coffin.htm Facebook has made a first huge move to completely ditch Adobe Flash for HTML5. The platform recently switched to…

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