Facebook might become an integral part of EVERYBODY’s working day, Twitter closes its Vine platform and may also offload its co-founder Jack Dorsey, and SEO becomes even more tricky: if content and mobile index is king, rankbrain is … <insert your favourite ruler here>. In this blog you will find a quick rundown of all the hot news relating to Facebook, Twitter, and SEO:


Downranking: Facebook cuts down on links from slow pages in newsfeed

Once again Facebook has updated its newsfeed algorithm. To prevent users with slow internet connections from seeing blank pages, links to slow sites will appear less frequently.

Workplace: Facebook launches new social network for companies

Facebook intends to become a central part of companies’ internal communication with Workplace. More than 1,000 companies and non-profit organizations have signed up to the social intranet to participate in its test phase.

Search trends: Why Facebook wants to be like Google

Facebook is investing heavily in its search features. This increases the sites’ relevance but above all, it opens up new doors for advertising income.


Has Twitter fired its founder?

Jack Dorsey, who co-founded Twitter about 10 years ago, has returned to his position after a break. However, things do not seem to be going that well under his management: only recently the company announced that it will let go of around 300 employees and will also shut down its video app Vine.

Advertiser can now do promotions on Twitter without an account

New advertising opportunities for marketers: companies can now handle ads without an account. However, the options for liking, retweeting and responses are disabled.


SEO trends 2017 – what matters and what doesn’t!

What SEO trends should you look out for in 2017? This article by Link-assistant.com offers a glance into the crystal ball.

How social SEO really works

Despite the hype around the topic of social SEO dying down somewhat, this blog from Kissmetrics shows that shares, likes and tweets still have a positive effect on search engine optimization.

10 SEO mistakes you should avoid as a social media manager

It is the goal of social media management to strengthen the brand through targeted communication with users in social networks. This Forbes article explains why this process does not always work smoothly..

SEO 2017: Clear signs ahead

At the end of each year, the SEO community makes predictions about the most important topics for the upcoming year. This year, the signs are clear. Click-thru to find out more…


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