IBC 2017 preview, Amsterdam 14-18 September

In order to stay competitive, traditional Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are undergoing a major transformation to become Digital Service Providers. Shows like IBC2017 are their opportunity to showcase their newfound agility, so it is vital to properly communicate this to media, analysts and the wider public.

The IBC2017 (International Broadcast Convention) being held in Amsterdam 14-18 September will see a whole host of telecommunication companies descend on the global event that has traditional served the media and entertainment industries. This is because telco’s have been facing an existential crisis. The calls and texts that used to fill their coffers are now largely offered free of charge. To make profit these companies have to monetize the mobile internet to the full.

Nowadays, 70-90% of mobile network traffic is video, so telco’s are desperate to increase their share of revenue from the video market. Over the top video providers like Netflix and Amazon with their subscription models are taking the biggest cut because they control the content. Now networks, such as AT&T with its purchase of Time Warner, are trying to increase their share of the video value chain by becoming creators of content themselves.

As the CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson, said: “The future of video is mobile and the future of mobile is video.”

Over 300 journalists from around the world will attend the IBC event. They will be bombarded with a stream of press releases from all corners of the broadcast sector, so the companies that will cut through the noise will be those that have refined their story.

There will also be thousands of tweets and LinkedIn posts during the event, many of which will fall on deaf ears. To use social media effectively during a show of this size, a clear plan is absolutely vital. To generate footfall and leads your social media content calendar needs to kick-in well ahead of time and focus on adding real value to readers.

If your company is going to be exhibiting at IBC and you could do with some advice regarding PR, social media or digital marketing, please feel free to drop me a line: alastair.mccormick@akima.co.uk

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