Story Creation

Everything starts with the art of storytelling

Our extensive knowledge and experience in many industries enables us to hit your communications targets accurately with minimal briefing. We develop current topics, distilling them to suit any media channel or target group, be it for a press release, an annual report, etc.

  • Expert content development
  • Exciting stories
  • Stories that essage your target groups
  • Emotive storytelling
  • Feature programmes

Our stories help your message hit the mark!


Creative ideas for many purposes

Creativity is not the preserve of few cool B2C brands and it doesn’t have to involve stunts and gimmicks. All businesses are capable of thinking outside the box and applying new thinking to old problems. With just a basic starting point we can help you to develop creative communications ideas that help shift perceptions, such as:

  • Creative campaign ideas that simply cut through the noise
  • Compelling visual language that carries your message
  • Emotional, funny, serious, thrilling stories for real people

The medium is the message. That means users require tailor-made media formats. Whether you are looking for

  • Videos
  • Info graphics
  • Presentations
  • Apps
  • Ads
  • Streams
  • Storyboards and scripts for spots, podcasts or YouTube

We provide the creative content you need.


Good facts have legs

You want to make sure that your campaign will resonate with your target audience? You need to create awareness for a topic, but do not have good arguments (yet)? You want to contribute to a current topic and make a sound argument for your cause? Then we can help you get the right insights and the right facts.

The best campaigns are driven by insights. Our comprehensive research capabilities utilise the latest research practices to ensure that your message/strategy chimes with your target audience. And if it doesn’t, we will work with you to shape it so that it does.

Even in the post-truth era there are many respectable readers and media who appreciate well-researched facts. We will do the research for you, find data or work with online polls, analysts and consumer research teams. We put the findings in a user-friendly language or graphics that your readers will understand.

Editorial Services and Localization

Copy for all occasions
Copy is language and language provides the basis for thought. That’s why most corporate communications are based principally on good copy. All of our team members are accomplished copywriters and we also have a specialist editorial team. We can provide all of your copywriting needs, including:
  • News releases
  • Blogs
  • Features
  • Modular stories
  • Trade articles, case studies
  • Bylined articles
  • Localized text

And lots more…