Digital Campaigns

The Beauty of Digital: Transparent ROI, targeting, tracking

No matter if your goals are leads, awareness, reach, online sales or event registrations, a digital campaign is there to help.

Talk to us about your needs, no matter if it’s inbound, outbound, paid, earned or owned.

  • CPM,CPC,CPL,CPx – whatever suits your needs
  • Keywords, Display, Inbound, Social, Contextual – you name it
  • Full campaign service from the idea to the measurement report

Content Marketing

Your Business as a publishing house

You need a content hub for digital content marketing? Or just a campaign page? You want a partner to turn your content into a great marketing success? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We help you market content to your target groups.

Does your company employ its own media such as blogs, customer magazines, employee newsletters, streaming channels, webcasts or any other publications to communicate regularly?

Our quality content can help you polish your image and your brand, and address your target groups accurately. And yes, we help you plan, design, build and operate this media, too.

Our strategic content marketing campaigns focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content that attracts a clearly defined audience and influencers.

Lead Generation

Want to generate leads, invite an audience, build a partner network?

No matter if you need to keep your sales staff busy, grow your channel or fill an event, drive downloads or trials – we’ve got you covered.

We can provide a whole range of lead generation services. From a first analysis of your target audience up to a complete cost-per-lead service we will create tailor-made campaigns for you. Our integrated, data driven and results orientated approach targets the right audience at the right time and ensures that digital marketing spends creates tangible business outcomes.

It’s your route to maximum efficiency and quality at minimum cost!

Integrated Campaigns

Digital marketing, PR, social media and events all with one voice?

Want all of your communications on a single topic – or all of your corporate communications, for that matter – to speak with a single voice? Want to coordinate content and timing to achieve maximum impact?

Integrated communications is in our DNA with our PR, content, social media and digital expertise integrated in one team. We believe that integrating PR and marketing, and deploying owned, paid and earned media together is the route to a successful communications strategy. The synergies achieved leads to consistency and efficiency across all communications.

The bottom line: you need only expend effort once, and you have covered every media channel.