Public Relations

Topics move people

Public Relations is the pursuit of and defence of a company’s good reputation. The humble press release used to be the lifeblood of the PR industry, but in today’s 24/7 multimedia world, it is just one of many tools at our disposal. Deft operation of multiple channels, messages and stories is the route to positive sentiment.

Own a topic; tell a story.

Consistently, credibly, grippingly.

We have implemented hundreds of campaigns for a great variety of target groups – from product launches to social policy. We can help you develop topic focused campaigns that influence your target audience.

(And yes, of course we can create, localize and distribute your press releases, too.)

Social Media

Maintaining a dialogue

As you read this, millions of people are communicating via social networks. Click, like, share…Social media have revolutionized the way in which people communicate. Approximately two thirds of all people on the Internet use social networking technologies. Social networks are even more popular than e-mail (Nielsen). On Facebook alone, users exchange some 1 billion social objects such as links, photos, etc. every single week.

Have you joined the conversation? Whether you’re a B2C or B2B company, your customers expect you to be where the action is. You can reach nearly everyone via social media, from established IT experts to youthful tech natives – provided you have the right strategy and the right partner. We are happy to show you examples of successful campaigns from brand building to engagement and social selling.

Of course we deliver insights, metrics and tools to manage the massive amount of user interactions, touch points and results.


Success becomes real once you can measure it

KPIs, ROI and transparent reports reveal the true beauty of digital communications. Of course it is an enormous challenge to capture the attitude of your target audience to your products, your messages, your campaigns and your brand.

That’s why we employ more than 20 analytics platforms for specific tasks, like social media engagement, share of {ink|voice|reach|exposure|influencers}, search engine rankings, employee gamification, campaign performance or real-time crisis monitoring. We do not believe that one size or one tool fits all requirements. Therefore we have adopted a best-of-breed approach, tailored exactly to your needs and individual KPIs to ensure that we can capture and understand the value that is being delivered.

Example: Tracking your visibility in search

Hub, lead agency and network coordination

Pan-EMEA campaign, local execution

Are you operating in multiple countries? Do you struggle to speak with one-voice across multiple markets? Is running comms teams in every country too expensive? Do you have a perfect partner for one country but not for others? We are here to help.

Our network of experts across EMEA can provide local agency support with our best-of-breed partnership model. We are flexible and can offer the choice of our best-of-breed partnership agencies to ensure that you obtain the best possible partner for you in each market.

To offer pan-EMEA services, we can act as a single point of contact to ensure all day-to-day activities in the various countries are closely coordinated to ensure maximize efficiency for the client. Under this model messaging, content and material is developed centrally resulting in a consistent, focused and cost-effective approach.

Product PR

Put your product in the spotlight

There is no doubt that you’ve got a good product. But it’s just one of many on the market. Clever product communications can set you apart from the rest of your competition.

  • Target experts, analysts, major multipliers
  • Comprehensive representation in every market survey and directory
  • Full-service test&review campaigns for test versions including loaner-pool management
  • Articles, opinion pieces, descriptions in trade journals, portals, communities

CxO Positioning

Projecting the image you want

How do you want the public to perceive you? What image do you want to project? Who needs to know about you? Define your targets and we will go after them. After all, your reputation provides the foundation for doing business.Use our services to put your best foot forward:

  • Reputation management
  • Speaker placement
  • Media training and coaching
  • Positioning as an expert
  • Personal copywriting
  • Opinion campaigns