Search and you will find

As the saying goes, you better make sure that people will find you. This means that you need to be aware of the factors that influence your online success, like the ranking on typical sites like Google, Bing or Amazon, but also on YouTube and others. We help you keep up to date and provide the tools to track your success closely.

We provide a comprehensive report (daily, weekly, monthly) or a live app – whichever suits you best.

Below are all the search engines, video and e-commerce sites where we can track your rankings on.

We are constantly updating this service so you can stay up-to-date with new developments.

Google – Organic, Local, Maps & Mobile
Google Snack Pack (local 3pack listings) Amazon YouTube Ask
Google Local Finder (top 100 map listings) Yahoo! AR Bing AR Amazon CA Google Videos AOL
Google Mobile results Yahoo! AU Bing AT Amazon CN Lycos Yahoo! BR Bing AU Amazon DE Excite Yahoo! CA Bing BE Amazon ES Yahoo! CL Bing BR Amazon FR Yahoo! CO Bing CA Amazon IT Yahoo! DE Bing CH Amazon JP Yahoo! DK Bing CL Amazon UK Yahoo! ES Bing CN Yahoo! FI Bing DE Yahoo! FR Bing DK Yahoo! GR Bing ES Yahoo! HK Bing FI Yahoo! ID Bing FR Yahoo! IN Bing HK Yahoo! IT Bing IE Yahoo! JP Bing IN Yahoo! MX Bing IT Yahoo! MY Bing JP Yahoo! NL Bing MX Yahoo! NO Bing NL Yahoo! NZ Bing NO Yahoo! PE Bing NZ Yahoo! PH Bing PH Yahoo! PL Bing PL Yahoo! RO Bing PT Yahoo! RU Bing RU Yahoo! SE Bing SE Yahoo! SG Bing SG Yahoo! TH Bing TR Yahoo! TR Bing TW Yahoo! TW Bing UK Yahoo! UK Yahoo! VE Yahoo! VN